Your checklist for camping in the winter

While the notion of camping in the winter may fill some with dread, if you’re a connoisseur of peace, quiet, and breathtakingly beautiful vistas, it can be the perfect pastime. There’s nothing better than getting away from the hustle, bustle, and stress of everyday life. If you love camping, there’s no reason not to go just because the seasons have turned. Winter can be the best time for camping, with camping spots quieter and everything more serene.

All you need to do is ensure you are properly prepared. That’s why we’ve compiled a checklist for camping in the winter to make sure you have everything you need.

Winter camping essentials

When camping in the winter, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Even if the weather forecast is for dry and mild weather, it’s always better to plan for the worst and hope for the best. That way, if the worst occurs, your trip is not ruined, and you can still have a wonderful camping experience.

Essential items to keep you warm

  • A fleece jacket
  • A thick, good quality, hooded coat
  • Warm layers of clothing that are wicking
  • Fleece-lined gloves
  • Plenty of spare underlayers and outfits, so there’s always something dry to put on if you get wet
  • A good wool hat, plus a spare so you can dry one while wearing the other
  • A thick, warm scarf or snood if you prefer
  • A high-quality, water-resistant, four-season sleeping bag
  • A cover for your sleeping bag to protect it from any dampness
  • Closed-cell pads to insulate your sleeping bag
  • Lots of blankets with various degrees of thickness
  • Cosy sleeping socks

Essential items to keep you dry

  • A waterproof, lightweight jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Lots of spare socks
  • Waterproof walking boots
  • Plastic bags (both for storing items waiting to be washed and doubling as waterproofing for boots and clothes)

Essential items to keep you safe

  • Long tent pegs plus a couple of snow pegs
  • A head torch with spare batteries
  • High-energy foods (Kendall Mint Cake is excellent!)
  • A well-stocked first aid kit and any medicine you need

Simple winter camping tips to keep you warm in cold weather


Of course, there’s more to an enjoyable winter camping experience than simply having the right kit with you. Here are a few easy tips to keep you toasty and cosy if you’re camping this winter.

  • Don’t wait until you feel cold to add extra layers. As soon as there’s a temperature drop when evening rolls around, add an extra layer to keep you from growing cold.
  • Never go to bed cold. It’s hard to warm your sleeping bag if you have a low body temperature. Take a walk around your campsite or do some jumps or exercises to warm up before settling in.
  • Prepare for nights when you just can’t find a way to get warm and take along some disposable heat pads. You won’t need them all the time, but they’re great in emergencies.
  • Choose your tent and awning size wisely. A few people in a large tent will find it far colder than a smaller tent. Opt for one that gives you enough space but doesn’t have excess air that needs warming.
  • Resist the urge to put your head inside your sleeping bag or bedding and breathe to warm it up. It only works superficially and creates condensation that causes dampness and lowered body temperature. This is also true if you sweat, so if you find yourself getting too warm, take a layer off.
  • You’ll also want to ensure your tent or awning has ventilation to ensure you don’t have condensation inside.
  • Stay hydrated, even if getting to the toilet is a chore. The lack of humidity during the winter makes it easy to dehydrate.

As you can see, camping in the winter doesn’t have to be a complete write-off! If you opt for a campervan rather than a tent, this provides you with the ultimate way to ensure you stay a little warmer on your winter camping experience. 

So, if winter camping in a campervan is an option for you, check out our latest campervans for sale or take a look at hiring a campervan instead. Whatever you choose, get in touch with us today to see how we can help with your next adventure.

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