How to Maximise your Campervan Storage

Considering what space you can create in a Campervan is a challenging task. You need to think of everything from your vehicle’s performance to safety features, comfort, and versatility. Luckily, at camper-versions®, we’ve been customising Campervans for years creating innovative outdoor living solutions and we have various campervan storage solutions.


Expanding Roofs

One of our ideas is an expanding roof as sometimes the best way to make space in a campervan is to go up. Our vehicles are installed with Skyline Poptop roofs to add some much-needed height. This height allows you to stand at your full height and makes a small space feel, light, airy, and inviting. This roof is also 100% waterproof so even if the weather doesn’t play ball, you can stay snug with some cocoa and take in the views in comfort or catch up on some reading. The tent also unzips at the front, giving panoramic views of your chosen picturesque location.

skyline on a campervan

Our premium campervans are fitted with our own, camper_versions® original Starry Night Ceiling™ to bring the night sky indoors. This keeps you connected to nature and gives off soft lighting that promotes relaxation and comfort. 


Outdoor Additions

Another one of our storage ideas is extendable awnings and camping furniture is another way to increase your campervan storage space. Especially on a nice day, you’ll find these additions are the perfect way to connect to the outside world. Camping in the mountains, take in the vistas with your morning coffee, set up on the coast, and enjoy your lunch while listening to the sea crash against the shore. The beauty of outdoor additions is that they allow you to enjoy your surroundings to the fullest. 


Small Campervan Storage Ideas

Now campervan storage space is an all-important concern for campervan owners. Being able to tuck away everyday items, tools, and clothes lets you relax and have fun with friends and family without the clutter. We make use of all the space in our vehicles.

underseat campervan storage

This means you can pack clothes, toys, and equipment for all equations without having to make any tough choices. We’ve even designed our own, camper_versions® original Sliding Door Table Store™ which innovatively uses a void in the door panel to create a camper storage solution for the table and gives an extra pocket of space for small essentials like batteries, phone chargers, or pens.


Under-seat Storage

Underseat campervan storage

Another one of our small campervan storage ideas is our under-seat campervan storage system. Our seating is versatile with swivel chairs that turn your front seats into more seating and back seats that lay down flat to create a bed. We also use the space under the seats for storage to create versatile under-seat space. By putting everything in robust compartments and secure spaces, our campervans keep your belongings safe from movement while on the open road.


Custom Kitchens

Kitchen appliances are clunky and take up room. That’s why we’ve developed a camper storage solution in which our bespoke products fit sleekly along the side of your campervan cab, without restricting the driving position. The slimline hobs and appliances give you the power to cook up a storm on holiday. Whether you’re bringing home the catch of the day from a little fishing trip or want to try your hand at a foraged feast, our slimline kitchens are built for a purpose.  

Custom campervan kitchens storage

These are just some of the ways we optimise campervans for adventures into the great outdoors. Our premium-built campervans offer you maximum comfort and versatility wherever you go. All our campervans come with a 3-year conversion warranty as standard and carry the vehicles’ existing manufacturer’s warranty. 

Find out more about how we maximise campervan storage by contacting us today and our team will help you pick out the ideal campervan for you. Adventure awaits!

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