Essential Campervan Equipment to Expand Your Campsite

VW campers are versatile vehicles ideal for adventure and life on the road. At camper_versions®; we have experienced VW’s potential first-hand and turned VW T5s and T6s into robust, stylish homes away from home. Along the way, we’ve received rave reviews from campervan owners, new and old, and even had our conversions featured in popular magazines like VWt. From pop-up roofs and bespoke furniture to unique features that are all our own, we have brought comfort, style, and utility to these amazing vehicles. But what about the external extras? We’re going to look at some campervan equipment and accessories that can increase your camper’s footprint and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors no matter the weather.

Sun Canopies

The Volkswagen Transporter is a great vehicle for adventure-seekers and holidaymakers alike. However, if you’re travelling with the whole family in tow, then space can be at a premium. A good awning, tent, gazebo or other canopies can do wonders for space and create outside areas that serve as outdoor dining areas, kitchens, or just somewhere to curl up with a good book.

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Rain Covers

Living in the UK means being prepared for all weather no matter the season. Even in summer, however brief it is, rain can settle in and potentially ruin holidays. Unless of course, you invest in a good waterproof awning or rain cover. Ran covers not only give you extra living room but also keep the areas around your camper clear of mud and dirt. This helps you, or your kids, from tracking anything into your campervan and even provides extra room to store bikes and fishing rods when the sky turns grey.

Ground Covers

A waterproof ground cover is another sound investment for increasing the liveable space around your campervan. The ground can become sodden, especially if you’re camping and trudging the same ground for several days. Setting down a tough, waterproof ground cover protects you from this and also prevents your furniture from getting muddy. Ground covers are useful below awnings and as added protection beneath tents.

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Going on a campervan holiday is all about getting in touch with nature and enjoying the great outdoors so why not invest in some good-quality chairs, tables and other furniture? There is ample storage in a VW camper conversion for folded-up furniture. Pack your van with everything you need to make a comfy outdoor living space, fishing spot, art studio, al fresco dining room, or bike rest stop and you’ve more than doubled your living space.

Cookers and Fire Pits

As the expression goes, fire is nature’s TV. One of the highlights of outdoor adventures is enjoying a campfire. Whether you want a barbecue for cooking family favourites or just a safe structure to keep the campsite warm at night, finding a durable cooker or firepit is a must. These versatile cookers are great whatever the season and add some much-needed warmth and light to campsites in the colder months. However, one thing we do want to stress is that it’s important to make sure you understand your campsite’s policies on open flames and plan accordingly.

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Outdoor Lighting

Speaking of light, outdoor lighting is another essential when expanding your exterior camp space. Furniture and awnings are all useless without a light source, especially for camping trips where the nights are longer than the days. There are countless outdoor lighting options available to you, from solar-powered lamps to traditional fire pits. Make sure you have a vision of what your campsite will look like before setting off and plan your lighting from there.

Trust the Camping Equipment Experts

While you plan the exterior allow us to take care of the interior. We have mastered adventure living and offer several packages designed to maximise your camper. From fundamentals like gas connections and pop-top roofs to our CV-style pack, we have a range of vehicles and packages designed for your needs.

We create premium-built campervans designed to offer you all the comforts of home on wheels. Our campervans are perfect for all seasons and come with a 3-year conversion warranty as standard. If you’re interested in taking a drive on the wild side or even just updating your camping to a modern solution, then contact us today and we’ll help you find a campervan that will bring you memorable holidays for years to come.

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