What is Camper Van Life UK?

Camper Van Life UK is going on adventures. Taking to the open road. Exploring the great unknown. Jumping in a Campervan with friends and family is one of the greatest escapes from everyday life. Some people have taken this to heart. Hashtags like #vanlife, #vanlifediaries, and van life UK garnered hundreds of thousands if not millions of posts. 

It is easy to see why things like lockdowns, quarantines, and general cabin fever affect the world. People love to feel the freedom of going on a road trip to get away from the “everyday” and experience stunning vistas, quaint villages, and everything else the world has to offer. But what is van life? How have people made a career out of travelling in their campers? And how can you make the most of your weekends with your very own Campervan? 


What is Camper Van Life UK?

Camper Van Life UK is whatever you make it. Some people are fortunate enough to commit their whole life to travel and explore new places. Other people are in it for short weekend trips or even just the project of doing up an old van with all your creature comforts. 

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Camper Van Life UK is understood to be more of a shift in thinking. A movement where people embrace a semi-nomadic lifestyle coupled with a minimalist ‘take what you need’ approach. This approach makes sense given the limitations of a Campervan’s space but it can have a profound effect on people. 


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about living in a van UK

The good thing about UK van life is it allows people to explore the world, see far-flung destinations, enjoy time with friends and family, and pursue hobbies like fishing, cycling, and surfing. It also saves you large sums of money as you don’t need to fork out for expensive hotels or transport. Instead, your wheels are your home. This makes living in a van UK one of the most frugal forms of holidaying around. There are initial costs with finding the perfect campervan or taking on a passion project and building your own, but once the van is ready to go, you have a mobile holiday just waiting for the perfect sunset.

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Camper Van life, especially when you’re on the road for a long time, can have its downsides. First of all, you may be sharing a small space with your partner, pets, kids, or friends. Living in a confined space can test anyone’s nerves. It’s important to make sure you have the right temperament, or failing that, activities and plans to deal with cabin fever. 

There is also the tough decision of choosing what you need, not what you want. Space is at a premium so, be ready for some tough love when choosing clothes or books. You should also consider the boring stuff, how do you clean, cook, and use the loo? These are key things to consider before diving into van life. 

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With all that said, Camper van life can be life-changing if you have the right van, people, and mindset. Add to the fact that there is no better way to be socially distant than to be in the middle of nowhere and you’ve found the perfect hobby. Whether a weekend warrior or fully committing to becoming Instagram-famous, van life can be a truly enriching experience. 


How do People make a success of  Camper Van life?

Social media is a huge selling point for many companies. Companies, big and small, understand the value of product placement and organic advertising. Across the globe, van sales are booming. This is all thanks to Instagram and Facebook posts of people enjoying their campers against stunning natural backdrops. 

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People like Sydney Ferbrache, Rebecca Moroney, and Mitch Cox have hundreds of thousands of followers. These numbers make them popular with brands as they advertise new camping gear, travel offers, and more. This along with their websites, podcasts, and other digital endeavours allow them to live a life on the road. Instagram is an interesting ecosystem where micro-influencers and huge influencers thrive, with deals, free kits, and other transactions taking place daily. 


How can you take a walk on the wild side?

Anyone interested in living in a van has a couple of options. You can either buy an old van and do it yourself. This approach can be a costly and time-consuming project but can also be incredibly rewarding.

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Alternatively, you can trust the professionals and get a ready-to-go camper van. We specialise in designing and fitting luxurious Campervans. Our vans are built for adventures into the great outdoors. We offer you maximum comfort and versatility wherever you go. What’s more, all our campervans come with a 3-year conversion warranty as standard as well as the vehicles’ existing manufacturer’s warranty. 

Find out more about camper_versions® on our website or contact us today and our team will help you pick out the ideal Campervan for you. What are out waiting for? You could start your very own camper van life adventure today.

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