The UK’s Far Flung and Remote Destinations

Sometimes we all just want to go on an adventure. Find somewhere  remote, wild, and untouched. You may think that finding somewhere to run away would require a flight to another continent but the UK is home to some beautiful quiet holiday destinations, dramatic landscapes far from the reaches of everyday life. We’re going to take a look at some of the most remote places in the UK to explore with your campervan.

Quiet Holiday destinations UK

The Old Forge – Mainland Britain’s Remotest Pub

The Old Forge - Camperversions

What better place to plan your route then to an inviting pub. The Old Forge is situated near the Scottish fishing port of Mallaig and can only be accessed by a seven-mile sea crossing or (if you’re brave enough) an 18-mile hike. You’ll have to plan as this pub is closed during winter but dropping by in before winter sets in will give you the perfect bucket list pub.


Foula – Shetland Islands

Foula - Camperversions

Foula, or ‘Bird Island’, is the most isolated inhabited island in Britain. This island is home to just 38 people with dramatic scenery, sea cliffs, ocean views, and the UK’s colony of great skuas for company. The perfet quiet holiday destinations. This island is as far from civilisation as you can get and may just be the perfect break from the everyday grind. Getting to Foula is no simple task, you’ll need to either take a flight from Tingwell Airport or plan a trip on the weekly ferry.


The Black Mountains – Brecon Beacons

The Black Mountains - Camperversions

The Brecon Beacons are famous throughout the country for its dramatic scenery, hiking and cycling routes, and quaint villages. The Black Mountains are some of the most sparsely populated with sandstone peaks and limestone outcroppings the backdrop for this ancient land. This area is also easier to access than some of the others on this list, ideal for a weekend getaway in your campervan.


Lindisfarne – Holy Island

Lindisfarne - Camperversions

Lindisfarne, otherwise known as Holy Island, is the birthplace of English Christian Heritage. This island can only be reached via a causeway which is lost to the waves during high tide. The island itself is peaceful and far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. The island’s monastery and village, also provide plenty of history to explore as well as cafes and shops to find snacks and treats.  


Bardsey Island – Home to Four Inhabitants

Bardsey Island - Camperversions

Bardsey Island, or Ynys Enlli in the native Welsh tongue, is an island off the coast of North Wales. Known as the ‘Island of Currents’ this island is surrounded by unpredictable waves cutting it off from the Llŷn Peninsula. Ynys Enlli is a National Nature Reserve and important historical pilgrimage site dating back to the Medieval period. This magical Island has nature, history, and views to spare and is well worth a trip if you’re looking for a little escape. 


Lundy – Puffin Spotting in Devon

Lundy Island - Camperversions

Devon is a county with a deep connection to nature and Lundy Island is a shining example of Devon’s natural charms. The tiny island, 12 miles off the north coast of Devon, is a granite outcrop in the Atlantic Ocean and home to less than twenty people and thousands of birds. Lundy is thought to mean ‘puffin’ in Old Norse with visitors regularly travelling to Lundy to see migratory sea birds nest on the cliffs. If you’re lucky you may also spot dolphins, seals, and sharks. 


Orford Ness – Remote Spit in Suffolk

Orford Ness - Camperversions

Orford Ness in Suffolk is a wild and remote spit of land stretching 10 miles along the Suffolk coast. This is area is a natural marvel filled with unique brackish lagoons, salt marshes, mudflats, shifting swales, and shingle ridges. This composition of ecosystems makes Orford Ness truly unique and well worth a visit to see the flora and fauna endemic to the area. Orford Ness is also a nature reserve meaning the waders and wildfowl will be able to call Orford Ness home for years to come. 


To get to these places you’ll need a vehicle that is a home away from home, a mobile retreat that allows you explore the world around you while giving you a place to relax and unwind after a day of adventure.


These routes offer you incredible, views, untouched nature, and a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. At camper_versions®, we create premium-built campervans designed to offer you all the comforts of home on wheels. All our campervan’s come with 3 years conversion warranty as standard, and all the vehicles have manufactures warranty remaining, which varies depending on the age. 

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