How to Make Your Campervan a Paradise for Pets

Campervan holidays are fun for the whole family, including the dog. Summer holidays and camping trips are so much better with man’s best friend allowing you to bond with your pets, enjoy the countryside and discover new places. Adjusting your campervan to your pet’s needs doesn’t have to cost the earth. All it takes is a little bit of planning, some time, and a whole load of walks. Here are some of the ways to make your campervan a paradise for pets. 

Road Safety

Pets in vehicles must adhere to Article 57 of the Highway Code. This article states that dogs must be ‘suitably restrained’ when travelling in a vehicle. This protects you from distractions while driving and in turn, benefits your pet’s wellbeing. It also protects your dog from any sudden braking manoeuvres. How you secure your pet is up to you. Your dog may have a dog travel carrier or cage, or perhaps a simple leash will suffice. This all depends on how you and your dog prefer to travel. 

Article 57 also doesn’t limit where your dog can stay while you’re travelling. Some people have customised cushions made so the dog can nap between the two front seats, others put a simple non-slip pad in the cab behind the driver’s seat. Again, this decision is up to you. All that matters is that your pet is prevented from distracting your driving by being suitably restrained. 

Dogs camping

Cleanliness and Convenience

Dogs bring their owners happiness and mess in equal measure. In a campervan, things like fur and mud can become a problem very quickly, especially with several people using the same space. That’s why it’s important to plan and make cleaning up after your pets easy. Bespoke campervans with woodgrains and patterned furniture hide fur and mud more effectively and keep your camper looking cleaner for longer. If possible you should avoid lighter colour or plain furnishings in areas of high footfall. 

Another great way to keep your campervan clean is to opt for a hard wearing, wipe-clean flooring material like altro. This makes cleaning muddy paw prints easier, whilst still having a durable floor. If you’re worried about altro making your camper a bit chilly then why not add a small rug. 

If your camper already has carpet installed then you can always wipe your dog’s paws after a walk or use a special mat for the dog to protect your carpets. 

Making coffee in a campervan


Last, but not least is training your dog. A campervan can be a whole new environment for a dog and they may feel uneasy about the new smells, motions, and sounds. The best thing to do is to reward good behaviour with treats and acclimatise them to their new surroundings. 

For example, before a big road trip try to take a few short drives to a nearby hiking trail or lake. These short excursions will help your dog get used to to the van and they’ll probably end up loving it more than you do.

Another important consideration is your dog’s behaviour when you arrive at your campsite. If you camp near other campers and you are worried about your dog barking there are a few ways to try prevent this behaviour. 

First, you can take your dog for a walk around the site as soon as you arrive. This will give your dog a chance to explore and become familiar with their surroundings. 

Another way is to create a buffer between your dog and the surrounding campsite. Make a small garden next to your camper and place windbreakers or canvas walls to block their view. This will delineate their space and prevent your dog from being disturbed by other campers. 

Happy couple camping with dog

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