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There are plenty of reasons to own a campervan. A home away from home, these vehicles have all the convenience of travel along with the creature comforts. They also are a lot cheaper than booking accommodation and renting vehicles every time you plan a holiday. Campervans also allow you to make the most of your favourite outdoor hobbies providing you with a base of operations, a mobile lunch spot, and somewhere to stay warm and cosy when bad weather sets in. We’re going to look at some of the most popular outdoor activities to do while camping and how you can adapt your campervan to your lifestyle. 


Camping Activities to do Camping: Hiking 


Hiking and walking are activities that people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy. There are thousands of routes to choose from ranging from epic long-distance trails to short weekend walks. Hiking is great for getting some exercise and fresh air, allowing you to decompress from the week and find some much-needed headspace.


Hikes and walks are also graded according to difficulty allowing you to choose a level of exercise and challenge yourself. This activity pairs well with hobbies like photography or geocaching and is the perfect way to fill an afternoon. 

what is the best activity to do while camping

Your campervan allows you to take in your natural surroundings while relaxing after a long walk. Parking up in a secluded spot adds to the escapism of a day’s hike and doubles as a base of operations. There’s no need to drive all the way home first or get back to your hotel. Everything you need to unwind and relax is right there in your camper. Campervans also make it easy to wait out the rain, snow and other inclement weather. 




Fishing is another pastime that can develop into a lifelong hobby and sport. This activity is one that families often share with children learning from grandparents or parents. Fishing calms the mind and allows you to fully engage with your environment. 

activities to do while camping

From hidden creeks to sunny lakeside suntraps, parking up your campervan and breaking out your fishing gear is a wonderful way to spend a weekend away. Campervans are great for storage and comfort. Bespoke kitchens, seating and rod storage means you can catch fish, take leisurely lunches and enjoy majestic natural vistas all from the comfort of your bespoke campervan.


Climbing Activities to do While Camping


If you’re looking for a more thrilling and challenging hobby then climbing and bouldering are for you. Climbing is not for the faint-hearted requiring skill, stamina, and no fear. Focus and drive are central tenets of this sport as you scale ever more daring rock faces. Climbing gives you access to breathtaking views, remote locations, and an undeniable sense of accomplishment. 

activities to do while camping

A campervan is great for storing gear and providing a place to rest before and after climbs. A lot of climbs are in remote locations which can make finding somewhere to sleep for the night tricky to find. A campervan lets you go anywhere, do anything, and still enjoy all the comforts of home. 



Cycling is one of the UK’s most popular hobbies. Road cycling and mountain biking both offer unique ways to explore the country taking in stunning natural vistas while getting your heart pumping. This pastime is as much a break for the mind as it is the body. Cycling allows you to focus on a goal, enjoy some exercise, and feel the rush of the wind on your face. 


However, even with all these benefits, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to drive somewhere to cycle. A campervan gives you a place to store your bike and serves as a mobile base of operations. From here you can repair your bike, take a break and plan your next route, without having to trudge all the way home.




If you’re interested in watersports then canoeing and kayaking are the balms you need to get out on the weekends. Equipment upfront can be pricey but once you have all the kit you’ll have everything you need to explore ancient rivers and discover places far off the beaten path. These hobbies can be as relaxing or exciting as you like with different levels of difficulty to test your mettle. 


A bespoke campervan is a mobile home where you can store your kit, prepare meals, and dry off after a day of adventure. 

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