Caravan vs Campervan: How Campers Improve Your Adventures

The debate between campervans vs caravans has gone on for many years. Whether going on a long tour of the country or a short trip to a family campsite, campervans are a great investment that you give the best of both worlds; the convenience of a single-vehicle and creature comforts in one purpose-built vehicle. Here are a few of the ways campers combine camping and comfort into one fun, accessible holiday home on wheels.

Caravans Vs Camper Vans: No need to tow

Probably the most obvious difference between campervans and caravans is there is no need to tow with campers. Your home is built into the vehicle itself. As a result, campers are much more popular with people new to or uncomfortable with towing a vehicle. Caravans may have a larger footprint than campers on average but the need to tow can scare off drivers. Towing a trailer or caravan doesn’t require a specific trailer licence as such but there are limits to the weight and dimensions you can carry without additional driving licences.

Ideal for extreme temperatures and wild camping

With no need to tow a cumbersome Caravan, Campervans are also better for wild camping. If you’re going off the beaten track or looking for a more untouched campsite, then a Campervan is a perfect choice. While heavier, our Camper versions are made with comfort, performance, and style in mind. This means that you can trust your vehicle to reach windswept vistas and forgotten forests for truly unforgettable holidays.

caravan vs campervan

Along with the ability to visit remote locations, a campervan also allows you to preserve heat and stay cosy as soon as you arrive at your location. This is especially useful during the colder months. There’s no need to connect a caravan and heat it from scratch. You can preserve the heating from your vehicle to keep your home away from home warm and cosy.

Quick and easy setup times

Setup is another key benefit to Campervans. As soon as you arrive at a site you won’t need to do as much to set up your plot. Campervans also have amenities built-in for convenience. Whether you have awnings, additional tents or other outdoor equipment to set up, you’ll always have a place to make a cup of tea or wait out inclement weather with a luxurious, purpose-built Campervan.

Cheaper tolls and ferry prices

Planning to travel a great distance? Then you should consider the nitty-gritty costs like fuel, tolls, and other transport prices. A caravan generally costs more as it takes up more space and requires designated campsites and additional tolls. Combining all your needs into a purpose-built campervan allows you to save on these tolls and costs in the long run while still maintaining a comfortable home away from home.

inside a converted campervan

Easy Access to amenities everywhere you go

Last but not least, having most of your amenities in your vehicle as opposed to tow behind you means that you can use your home even when not set up at a campsite. Maybe you need a cup of tea at a rest stop, a place to charge your phone, or even a workspace while someone else takes over driving.

With a Campervan, you can use your camper on the move safely and enjoy the comfort and convenience it provides. As ever it’s important to familiarise yourself with road safety practices. You should also ensure that you and your family travel safely throughout your journey.

caravan vs campervan

At camper_versions®, we create premium-built Campervans designed to offer you all the comforts of home on wheels. Our campervans come with a 3-year conversion warranty as standard. If you’re interested in taking a drive on the wild side or even just updating your camping to a modern solution, then contact us today and we’ll help you find a campervan that will bring you memorable holidays for years to come.

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