Autumn Camping Tips: How to be prepared for all seasons

Camping in autumn is a wonderful experience filled with beautiful landscapes, mild temperatures and the last chance to enjoy the outdoors before the winter chill. Autumn camping is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends, whether camping, glamping, or taking your camper van to somewhere far-flung and breathtaking. Before you bungle everyone into the camper, we’ve put together some autumn camping tips to help you plan for whatever the British autumn has to throw at you, including tips for camping in the rain. 


Autumn Camping Tips: Preparation for all Seasons


Layer Up

Layers are all-important to keep warm and dry. Plan your outfits and think of them in terms of the base layer, mid-layer, and outer layers. Your base layer clothing should be light, breathable material that keeps your internal temperature stable. You may also want to choose a material like wool, fleece, nylon, or silk to wick away moisture and keep you dry. If possible, you should avoid wearing cotton as this can absorb sweat, leaving you cold and damp. 

Tips for camping in the rain

Mid-layers are where you can change according to your needs and environment. A chunky jumper, fleece, or even a light jacket for milder days will suffice, especially when you’ve been hiking for a few miles and starting to feel the heat. 

Finally, your outer layer is the one that faces the elements. Choose a sturdy windbreaker or waterproof jacket. These will be invaluable if you get caught out in a shower. 

It’s not just your body but also your head, hands and feet you need to worry about. We lose a lot of our body warmth from the top of the head so make sure you have a hooded jacket or warm beanie for chillier days. It’s also a good idea to pack a few pairs of gloves and a spare pair of hiking boots just in case you get your first pair soaked. 

Be Prepared for All Seasons

The tricky thing about camping in autumn is the weather can go any way. One day might be warm and humid with loads of bugs around, and the next can be cold and rainy. For bugs make sure to pack bug repellent spray or candles. You should also pack a tent with a rain fly and a thin netting to keep out the bugs. 

For wet and windy days, it’s a good idea to pack a few tarps or rain shelters. These can be used to create a dry space outside your camper van or tent and let you enjoy the outdoors without having to stay cooped up. 

Autumn Camping Tips

Nights can also be icy in autumn. Be sure to pack some warmers for bedtime. A good wool blanket, a winter sleeping bag, and even a good old hot water bottle can make nights in autumn warm and cosy. 

Even with all the rain, it can be easy to forget that the sun is still there. You should pack sun protection just in case there’s a bright day and you’re out and about. 


Tips for Camping in the Rain

Rainy days are almost a certainty in the UK. Regardless of the season, rain can spoil your plans and leave you and the kids without anything to do. Unless, you plan for the rainy weather with activities, games, and other entertainment. Before going away, pack some books, board games, and maybe even a few smart devices if things get dire.

Chess Playing Children while Camping

You can use your trip to practice a hobby like photography, music, or crocheting. Don’t think of rainy days as missed opportunities. Think of them as some good old ‘you’ time. You’ll appreciate the pitter-patter of rain for the relaxing balm that it is. 

Outdoor Activities

Finally, experiencing the outdoors in autumn is a truly magical experience. Leaves of all colours litter the forest floors while mushrooms, berries and wild herbs are ripe for the picking. Before going away, ensure you have planned for all sorts of activities. Pack the bikes for a morning ride, a fishing rod for some relaxing fishing, and maybe see if there are any canoes or boats to hire in the area you’re visiting. You can also plan fun games for the kids like finding leaves and making arts and crafts, carving pumpkins, and other autumn-themed activities. 

family hiking in the hills

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