Our most popular campervan conversion is our Pioneer Plus model. That’s because it has everything you need to utilise as a campervan, with also some subtle exterior styling options that

Yes, so long as it is built by a reputibale company. Buying a campervan is investing in your future holidays for the next 3/4/5 years (however long you intend to keep the camper.) They can be used for days out, weekend breaks and full weeks touring country after country - and the value to you is only limited to how often you go out in it. Then when you come to sell it, the cash value can be released. Our customers find when they want to upgrade to a newer model, or when their circumstances change and want to sell the campervan, the depreciation of their campervan can be as little as £1000 per year, yet they've had one brilliant trip after another with it. So really that investment in future holidays has cost next to nothing.

There are many vehicle finance providers availble that can all quote for finance options for purchasing one of our campervans. You aren't restricted to just one provider linked to ourselves, you can shop around for the best deal.

All our camper_versions Pioneer conversions come with a 3 year warranty as standard, which covers everything within the conversion, inlcuding appliances. The vehicle will also be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 3 years, depending on when the vehicle was first registered. For example, a VW T6 Transporter registered on the 1st of Jan 2019, will have 2 years warranty remaining on the 1st Jan 2020.

In 2019 the DVLA stopped all vehicles being re-registered as campervans, if they had been converted from a panel van. They also increased the cost for the initial road fund licence for motorhomes from £240 up to £2,135! There is also another tax of £320 per year, on top of the annual road tax for the first 5 years, if the list price of the vehicle is over £40,000. In short, no it won’t be registered as a campervan, but nor would you want it to. Even if it was possible, there will be an increase in road tax, planned for re-registered vehicles very soon. This doesn’t affect using it, or the insurance covering it. When the DVLA stopped re-registering, all major campervan insurance companies changed their policies, to fully cover converted campervans to their true value, providing that the conversion was carried out by a professional, reputable company. So, it matters more than ever that you purchase from a professional campervan conversion company like camper_versions®, otherwise you may end up with something that you are unable to obtain insurance cover for.

Yes, we have a unique and impressive showroom with our ready to go campervans on display, just call to book an appointment

The first step is to book an appointment to visit our impressive showroom with our excellent sales team. During this visit you'll discover all the benefits our campervans offer, particually how our unique products will change your campervan experience.

We can build a bespoke conversion for your needs based on the options that we offer including our unique products. All our conversions come with our unique Pioneer conversion furniture.

All our ready-to-go campervans come with an M1 tested rock & roll seat/bed with seatbelts, and have been fitted to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This means that they are safe for anyone to travel in.

Yes, you can fit a child’s car seat, in the same way you would in a car with a seatbelt. We don’t offer an Isofix system, but generally Isofix is just a quicker method of fitting the child’s car seat and isn’t necessarily safer.

Yes, it can. Its load bearing is 200kg, which is over 30 stones. Generally it would be used for children, as the additional poptop roof slopes down, so it does get narrower towards the rear of the campervan.

The T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1 are all models of the VW Transporter, and they are related to the age of the vehicle. Every few years VW decide to refresh the Transporter and bring out a new model with more modern components. T6.1 is the most recent release starting from 2020. The T6 was from 2016 to 2019. T5.1 was from 2010 to 2015 and the T5 was released from 2004 to 2009.

The VW Transporter has been built as a commercial vehicle, designed to last hundreds of thousands of miles transporting goods up and down every country in the world! But to obtain that lifespan, regular servicing and key components must be carried out at the correct intervals. If your buying any vehicle, always check the service history and that things carried out reflects the age and mileage (eg if its done 20k miles or 2 years old, it should've had it's first service).

All VW Transporters have a 2.0 litre engine

Some are VW Transporters are petrol, but most are diesel.

A SWB VW Transporter campervan is 4.892m

Our VW Transporter campervans measure 2m in height, however a tolerance should be taken into account as there are several variables that can alter this height. For example if bigger wheels are fitted, or a Fiamma awning, these will increase the height.

All our luxurious campervans are built in house by our experience team, including the furniture and the upholstery.

Yes, all our campervans come insulated as standard, meaning they can be enjoyed all year round.

The VW T6.1 being the newest model does have the most features, but the T6 is still an excellent vehicle with more than everything you will need. But the campervan itself will have the same features whether installed into a T6.1 or T6.

Yes, our campervans have a 20l onboard water container that is easily removed to rinse out between trips.

Yes, the poptop roof is waterproof. We now use the Skyline roof that has a marine grade quality tent, which is one of the most durable tents on the market.

All VW T6 and T6.1 have a digitial service indicator. When your vehicle reaches the service internal mileage or date, it will notify you on the dash until the service is carried out.

If your VW Transporter has original factory wheels, the correct tyre pressure can be found on the drivers door aperture. If it has aftermarket wheels, consult your supplier. A maximum PSI should be stated on the tyre.

Your leisure battery should be charged up regularly using the 240v hookup point, and never used when the voltage drops below 11v.

One reason why your fridge seems to be on but isn't getting cold could be because your leisure battery doesn’t have enough power to turn it on. If you can't here the compressor powering up this is more than likely the case. If the compressor is powering, then its a sign that the fridge needs to be re-gassed.

For the Skyline poptop roof, there are 2 straps above the cab headlining that are secured through 2 D shaped handles that secure the roof down.

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