Wild Camping: Is it Right for You?

Every nature-loving adventurer loves getting as close to unspoiled areas as they possibly can. Wild camping is one of the most authentic ways to achieve this. But a question you must ask yourself is; is it right for you? 

If you’ve recently bought a campervan from us or you’ve hired a campervan with us, you might be considering a night or two of wild camping.

In this blog, we’re going to look at what wild camping is, and what it takes to wild camp successfully, so you can decide if it is a valid option for your next campervan adventure.


What is wild camping?

Wild camping is defined as the act of camping somewhere in the wilderness, away from any camping or caravan sites.

In the UK, there aren’t many locations where you are legally allowed to wild camp, and when you find those locations, there are a lot of rules you must (understandably) follow.

So, assuming you’ve found a place you can legally wild camp, what does it take to do it (and are you up for the challenge)?

wild camping

Late nights and early mornings

There’s a universal rule in wild camping: set up late at night and get out early in the morning.

Wild campers have a profound respect for their environment, which means not wanting to disturb people and fauna that rely on the wilderness for leisure, work, or living.

If you don’t think you can hack the limited sleep times and you’re alarm-adverse, this could be a deal breaker for your wild camping aspirations.


Do you have the right equipment for wild camping?

As any seasoned camper will tell you, having the right equipment makes all the difference in your experience.

You’ll need the right equipment installed in your campervan. A solar panel for off-grid charging and an Eberspacher diesel heater will ensure your wild camp adventures are as comfortable as possible. These two options come as standard on all of our brand new, delivery mileage campervans.

Here in the UK, we’re not known for our particularly warm weather, especially in rural areas at night! We’re also not known for having the best weather conditions. That means you’ll have to pack accordingly.

You’ll also need thermal clothing that keeps you warm through the night and equipment that is easy, light and quick to pack and unpack. If you’re not used to packing light, wild camping might not be an option for you.


Wild camping gastronomy

The title might be fancy, but the reality is less so.

When wild camping, you’ll likely find there are strict rules on cooking. Namely, some places won’t let you use fires or barbecues just in case the worst happens. So you’ll have to plan your meals ahead if you’re not planning to eat out somewhere. You will be heavily reliant on what you have in your campervan fridge and then cooking it on your campervan hob.

You’ll also need to work out what you’re doing about water. You will need to make sure your water storage is full before you set off on your trip, and consider some extra bottled supplies if you think you might need them.

wild camping

Dealing with the weather

As we briefly mentioned earlier, weather is unpredictable and you could very well find yourself battling tricky conditions overnight.

So, not only do you need to make peace with changing weather conditions, but you also need to make sure everything you bring is rainproof, windproof, and extremely durable.

You’ll also need to remember that if it rains, you may not be able to enjoy the wilderness and views. The main reason many people want to go to wild camping is because of the wonderful views it can offer, so it’s important to consider this factor.

Wild camping can cost money

Many people choose to go camping in the wild because they want to save money. While it’s true that it can save you money in the long term, it’s an initial investment to make sure you have the right equipment to keep you safe if you’re planning to wild camp often.

If you don’t have the money to invest in a few essentials initially, you may need to rethink your aspirations – at least in the short term.


So, is wild camping for you?

Wild camping is a stunning experience, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you like your luxuries such as running water, you’ll need to consider whether wild camping is right for you carefully, but if you find it is right up your alley, that’s great! 

If you are planning to wild camp, even just for a couple of trips, why not try it in one of our campervans? At camper_versions, we have a fleet of campervans available for hire and for sale that will provide you with a quality wild camping experience. Or get in touch with one of our friendly team members who will be happy to help with any questions you might have!

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