The Ultimate Guide to Campervan Security

If you’re planning to hit the road in your campervan, it’s crucial to prioritise security. Campervans are not only valuable assets, but they also hold sentimental value for their owners. That’s why we’ve put together these campervan security tips and a list of campervan security devices that provide you with the ultimate peace of mind whether you’re on the road or not.

So if you’ve recently bought a campervan from us, or even booked to hire a campervan, keep reading for all you need to know on how to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

The importance of campervan security

As mentioned, campervans are valuable assets that can unfortunately become targets for theft or break-ins. With this in mind, campervan owners must understand the importance of campervan security and take necessary precautions. 

There are various security measures and products available to help safeguard your vehicle. From steering wheel locks and wheel clamps to immobilisers and tracking devices, these anti-theft devices act as visual deterrents to potential thieves. 

By implementing effective security measures, owners can deter potential thieves and protect their campervans from theft. Remember that campervan security is not just about protecting the vehicle, but also safeguarding valuable belongings and ensuring peace of mind during your camping adventures.

At camper_versions, you can be sure when you buy or hire a campervan from us, your vehicle is protected. Our Highline campervans have as standard a Thatcham Category 2 alarm and immobiliser, and we can also add an S5 Category Tracker if required. The S5 Tracker is fitted as standard on our hire campervans, as well as a Nextbase dash cam.

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Our top campervan security tips

Investing in security devices and measures allows owners to enjoy their travels without constantly worrying about the safety of their vehicles. Following best practices such as choosing a campervan with built-in security features, parking in well-lit areas, and keeping valuables out of sight when you’re not in your campervan are all great starting points. But here are our other top campervan security tips.

Utisilise technology when picking your campervan security devices

Technological aids play a crucial role in enhancing campervan security. Installing technological devices such as GPS tracking, alarm systems, and immobilisers all add an extra layer of security to your vehicle and give you even more peace of mind.

Adding tracking devices to your campervan means you can get real-time updates should the worst happen. They can be discreetly installed and easily hidden and can be connected to smartphone apps, allowing you to monitor your campervan’s location remotely. Some devices even offer features like geofencing, which alerts you if your campervan leaves a designated area.

Most campervans also already have in-built alarm systems, but if yours doesn’t, then this is something worth considering. Campervan alarms often feature motion sensors, sirens, and remote control access, and investing in a high-quality campervan alarm system will give you peace of mind while on the road and at home.

Immobilisers are also smart campervan security devices. They disable your vehicle’s ignition system if you use an incorrect key to try and start your vehicle. If you install a ghost immobiliser, it will go undetected should a thief use radio frequency scanning, and so acts as a great deterrent. You could even potentially make your insurance premiums lower by installing one.

Don’t forget about mechanical campervan security devices

Undoubtedly, technological aids provide an exceptional layer of security, but so do mechanical campervan security devices. Security measures like steering wheel locks, wheel clamps, and reinforcing windows and doors with locks can further protect your campervan.

Steering wheel locks are a valuable tool in campervan security. They act as a visual deterrent, discouraging potential thieves from targeting your vehicle. These locks are easy to install and come in various sizes and designs meaning they can fit all different types of steering wheels. 

Wheel clamps offer convenience for campervan owners, as they are easy to add and remove. Not only do they provide security, but they can also help lower your insurance premiums. These versatile devices can be used on various types of campervans and trailers, making them a practical choice for campers.

Investing in high-quality locks for doors and windows can enhance the break-in resistance of your campervan too. These locks make it harder for thieves to gain unauthorised access. You could also use window covers, curtains, and tinted windows to prevent outsiders from peering inside your campervan.

Choose the right insurance for your campervan

When it comes to campervan security, insurance plays a crucial role in protecting your investment. Understanding the different types of insurance coverage options available for campervans is essential. It’s important to find the right insurance provider and policy that suits your needs. Knowing the claims process and what to do in the event of theft or damage to your campervan is also crucial.

When choosing an insurance plan, consider factors such as coverage options, deductibles, and premiums. Look for insurance providers specialising in campervan coverage, offering comprehensive protection tailored to your needs. Ensure that the insurance plan adequately covers your campervan’s value and any additional equipment. Be sure to carefully read the policy’s fine print, including exclusions and limitations so you’re fully aware of the process should the worst happen.

Find your dream campervan with camper_versions

Campervan security is of utmost importance to protect your investment and ensure peace of mind while travelling. By implementing our basic campervan security tips and investing in high-quality additional security measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft. 

At camper_versions, we can help you find your dream campervan, all with in-built security measures for your peace of mind, or add an S5 Tracker for the ultimate security package. Take a look at our campervans for sale available right now, or if you’re new to the world of campervanning, why not hire one of our campervans?

If you have any questions about our campervans or you need assistance with your campervan security measures, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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