Our Top Tips for Camping With Dogs

Camping with dogs can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your pet. Not only do dogs love the great outdoors, but they can also provide additional companionship on your trip, making it even more memorable for you. If you’ve recently bought a campervan from us, or you’ve chosen to hire a campervan with us, and you’re thinking about taking your pooch on your next trip, then keep reading as we provide some of our top tips for camping with pets.

Not only will we discuss some of the benefits of camping with a dog and how to prepare for a stress-free trip, but we’ll also go over essential gear, safety tips and best practices to follow for your pet-friendly trip. So get ready to pack up your campervan, grab your canine friend, and get ready to enjoy a trip full of adventure!

camping with a dog

What are the benefits of camping with dogs?

Camping with your furry friend is the perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy the wonders of nature. With your best friend by your side, you’ll have a constant source of companionship. Not only does camping with a dog provide physical exercise for both of you, but it also reduces stress and strengthens your bond. As well as this, camping with dogs is a great way to enjoy a UK adventure in your campervan, as you can create lasting memories while exploring pet friendly camping sites, national parks, and breathtaking scenery. 

How to prepare for your trip when camping with dogs

When planning for a camping trip with your dog, it’s important to be prepared. One of the first things you should do is make sure your dog’s collar has updated contact information in case of an emergency. It’s also essential to prepare a sturdy harness or lead to keep your dog safe during car rides and hikes for example. And don’t forget to bring camping gear specifically designed for camping with pets, such as a tether or crate.

If you’re heading out for a long camping trip, it’s worth taking your dog for a quick health check at the vet and making sure their flea and tick prevention is up to date for a worry-free adventure.

It’s also worth conducting basic training with your dog, particularly if they’re young, to follow basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ for a well-behaved trip. It may also be beneficial to socialise with other campers, pets, and distractions they might encounter to get them used to those kinds of surroundings. This will also get them used to practising good camping etiquette, such as not barking excessively or bothering others.

Things to consider when choosing pet-friendly camping sites

When choosing a campsite, it’s important to check if they allow pets and if they have any specific rules or restrictions. In most cases, pet-friendly camping sites often ask owners to keep their dogs on a lead at all times out of respect for other campers. Also, be sure to consider the location and surrounding environment, to ensure it’s safe and suitable for your dog.

When you’re onsite, you can set up a comfortable spot that is fenced where your pooch can rest or roam freely without running off. But be sure to keep an eye out for distractions like barbecue food or other animals that may catch the attention of your dog. 

Maintaining campsite etiquette is important when you’re on your trip. Being mindful of noise levels to avoid disturbing other campers (especially if your dog tends to bark), and following the campsite rules regarding pet restrictions, means you’re being considerate and respectful of your fellow campers.

camping with a dog

Essential items to pack when camping with dogs

To ensure the safety and comfort of your furry companion, you must pack essential items for them for your trip. The right camping gear allows you and your dog to fully enjoy the great outdoors and enhance your overall experience. We’ve already mentioned a few previously, but here is a list of the essential items you should be packing:

  • A comfortable bed with extra blankets for chilly nights
  • A harness or lead and a tether for when you’re on site
  • Plenty of food and water to last for the whole trip (you could also pack a little extra in case of emergency)
  • Portable and collapsible food and water bowl
  • Treats to reward your dog for good behaviour or training purposes
  • Shaded area, like a tarpaulin, to protect your pooch in the summer months
  • Dog waste bags so you can clean up after them
  • One of your dog’s favourite toys to make them feel at ease in unfamiliar surroundings
  • A dog-friendly first-aid kit

How to handle an emergency when camping with a dog

It would be naive to think nothing could go wrong, but the key to handling an emergency is preparation. Creating a first-aid kit tailored to your dog’s needs, researching nearby vet clinics and being vigilant of your dog’s health on your trip will allow you to remain calm if an emergency does occur. If something doesn’t seem right with your pooch, speak with a vet and seek professional advice.

It’s also important to protect your dog from dangerous wildlife and other potential hazards when you’re out and about. Be aware of the local wildlife and toxic plants in the area and keep your dog away from any potentially dangerous encounters. 

Create an enjoyable experience for your dog

To make your camping trip with your furry friend even more enjoyable, plan some dog-friendly activities! Research dog-friendly trails, beaches, or parks in the camping area where you can go hiking, swimming or play fetch for example. This way, you can explore beautiful scenery together and let your pooch roam free. Your dog will also love exploring new sights, smells, and sounds, so be sure to give them plenty of time on a lead or harness for safety. 

camping with dogs

Ready to take your canine friend on an adventure?

Camping with pets can be a wonderful experience for both you and your furry friend. Not only does it allow you to bond and create lasting memories, but it also provides numerous benefits for your dog’s physical and mental well-being. However, proper preparation is essential to ensure a successful camping trip with your canine companion.

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