How to Stay Warm in a Campervan This Winter

How to Stay Warm in a Campervan This Winter

Winter camping can be a magical experience, however, staying warm in a campervan can be a challenge. The key to enjoying your winter camping trip is to be as prepared as possible. 

If you’ve recently purchased a campervan, or you’ve booked to hire a campervan with us, we’ll provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to have a cosy winter camping experience and not worry about freezing temperatures. Let’s dive right in.

Start with good insulation

One way how to stay warm in a campervan is to start with good-quality insulation. Insulation is crucial in a Campervan and it should provide thermal protection, be durable, and be fire-resistant. When selecting insulation materials, consider those that are designed specifically for van life. The thickness of the insulation material will also play a crucial role in keeping the cold at bay, as well as keeping the heat in.

Regular maintenance of your insulation will help ensure its effectiveness over time. Check the insulation for any gaps or wear and tear that could lead to heat loss. Properly insulating your campervan will not only keep you warm during winter but also make it more comfortable all year round.

You also need to ensure it’s also breathable. If not, it will retain the moisture and lead to issues inside the vehicle. At camper_versions, we use sheep wool to insulate all our campers, as it’s a naturally breathable material.

Cover windows and doors

Another way how to stay warm in a campervan this winter is by covering your windows and doors. This is essential for regulating the temperature in your campervan. Use thermal curtains, window covers, or even blankets to cover windows and help prevent draughts. All our campervans for sale come with a thermal front cab external wrap screen, to keep the heat in.

Installing weather stripping around doors and windows can seal any gaps that could let cold air in too. Doorways are also some of the biggest culprits for letting cold air inside, so using draught excluders on them can help keep your campervan warm. These simple steps will keep you cosy and comfortable throughout your winter camping trip. 

Optimise heating system

Choosing an efficient heating system that caters to your campervan’s requirements is another important aspect of how to stay warm in a campervan this winter. A smaller campervan may only need a small propane heater, while larger vehicles may require a more powerful diesel heater. Eberspacher diesel heaters are a popular choice among campervan owners because of their efficiency. These come as part of our Pioneer Explorer conversion package. Check out our full range of conversion packages for more details.

Regulating the temperature and saving energy is equally important, so consider fitting your heating system with a timer or thermostat. This will allow you to schedule when the heater turns on or off and ensures warmth when you need it most, without wasting energy or running the battery down. When we install our Eberspacher systems in our campervans, they come with a thermostat as standard.

Layer up with winter clothes and bedding

Layering up with winter clothes and bedding is one of the most effective ways how to stay warm in a campervan this winter. Invest in high-quality thermal clothing and bedding that keep you insulated overnight. Look ahead at weather forecasts so you can pack accordingly to avoid being caught off-guard by sudden drops in temperature. With the right gear and planning, you can stay cosy and comfortable in your campervan all season long.

Hot water bottles and kettles

Simple things like hot water bottles are an affordable and effective way how to stay warm in a campervan this winter. You can easily heat water on your stove or electric cooker, or speed things up by investing in a good quality kettle. Not only can you quickly heat water for hot water bottles, but for hot drinks which will provide you with warmth from the inside out.

Plan for emergencies

It’s always wise to have a backup plan, and that can be as simple as packing extra blankets and warm clothing in case your Campervan’s heating system fails or runs out of fuel. Ensure you test your heating system before heading out on your trip to ensure that it works properly. 

It’s also wise to consider other emergencies like power outages or breakdowns. Be sure to stock up on non-perishable food and water and carry essential items like fuses, jumper cables, and other tools to deal with any surprises. By taking these precautions and having a backup plan in place, you enjoy your winter camping trip with ease.

Speak to us for more advice

Camping in the winter months doesn’t have to be a challenge. By learning how to stay warm in a campervan and by being prepared and planning for any potential emergencies, you can enjoy a campervan trip in any season. If you want any advice on your campervan setup, or you’re ready to get out and about, get in touch with us today! Be sure to take a look at our full range of campervans for sale or why not see what availability we have with our campervans for hire?

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