Essential campervan equipment you need for the upcoming camping season

The camping season is upon us, and it’s time to get your campervan ready for a series of trips to beautiful wilderness locations. However, you need to make sure that your campervan has everything you need to be the perfect home away from home. Read on to learn more about some of the most essential campervan equipment for the upcoming season and what each of these things will bring to your camping experience.

Factors to consider

There are several important factors to consider when deciding on what campervan equipment you need to bring with you. These include:

  • Safety: Ensure that there isn’t any risk of injury on the trip and that you have items in place to look after yourself in the event of an accident. This can include things like first aid kits and medication.
  • Repairs: Items that prevent damage to your campervan and help you get back on the road if you have an issue with your vehicle. This can include a standard set of tools for example.
  • Enjoyment: You should consider packing some games or hobby equipment so you can make the most of even the rainy days during the trip.
  • Essentials: It goes without saying you’ll need your essentials that keep you going throughout the trip, such as food and drinking water. Be sure to go for non-perishable food options for longer trips.

All of the things that you bring on your trip fall into one of the above categories. When in the early stages of planning for your trip, think about at least three items that fit into every one of these categories and pack them. This is a good step in getting your trip off to the right start.

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What campervan accessories to bring this camping season

There are plenty of caravan accessories that you should pack before embarking on your trip. These can include:


Levellers are wedges and blocks that campers use to keep the campervan in the right position throughout their stay. The blocks also bring the front of the camper to the same height as the back, so you have a flat surface to holiday on. This is essential for making the most out of difficult spots when camping, turning any pitch into the wonderful flat ground that makes eating, sleeping and relaxing far easier than before. Levellers are affordable and underrated as one of the more important camping tools.

Solar-powered utilities

An increasingly common piece of campervan equipment is the use of solar panels to power some utilities. This is especially important with lights. Solar-powered lights charge through the day, so you can spend the evening outside your van by the relaxing light of your fully charged lamp. More people focus on using solar-powered campervan equipment such as lamps, as this limits the strain you put on your campervan battery throughout the night. Consider a range of lights, from large lanterns to more decorative fairy lights that improve the look of your campsite.

Water carrier

A water carrier is one of the essential campervan equipment on any camping trip. This is a large water container that campers fill up with drinking water for consumption throughout the holiday. Campervans are highly mobile and have no means of plumbing themselves into the water supply when you’re relaxing by the side of a loch or in a field. Water carriers make sure that you have a portable water supply at all times.

Bedding and furniture

Bedding and camping furniture are also necessary campervan equipment that you should bring. No matter where you go in a campervan, you’re likely to spend the night. This means the use of bedding, such as sleeping bags, camping pillows and, if you want to stay extra warm, fleeces and blankets. Bringing all of the right bedding and furniture makes sleeping overnight far easier. You can also bring a camping chair, perfect for kicking back throughout the day.

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