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When camper_versions®, our camper van conversion company was founded in 2010, we realised that the market was flooded with unprofessional van conversions, that were not very practical. Since its conception, camper_versions® aimed to be one of the top camper van conversion companies in the UK. It began with its unique curved furniture design, as previously all camper van conversions from competitors had been square and looked dated and old fashioned. We wanted to bring style and a modern, contemporary twist to the industry, as well as being more practical and better thought out.

From the outset we strived for excellence, high quality products, exceptional customer service, ethical and responsible practices, and aimed to build market-leading campervans. By 2020 we achieved that building campervans to match all needs. We became one the UK’s most prominent camper van conversion companies; creating our own original and innovative products, winning awards for customer service and creativeness, receiving consistent 5* reviews and implementing working practices that reduce our carbon emissions. On top of this we also created contribution schemes that donate to charities.

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By purchasing from us, you’re not just buying a vehicle. You are buying into a lifestyle of road trips, van life, and adventure with a dream camper. You are buying into a brand that offers full conversions, cares about you, cares about every one of its previous customers, cares about the environment, and wants to support people in need.

We’ve developed our campervans to be the best on the market. Our team has also implemented working practices that keep our quality second to none. We don’t seek perfection; we strive for excellence. If things go wrong, our 3-year warranty covers everything in the conversion, including the appliances. No other company offers this.

That’s because we are confident in the products we use and want to pass on that peace of mind to our customers. If something isn’t quite right, we’ll make sure that it’s put right swiftly. We care about your experience and always offer after-service care.

We look at our camper conversions and think, “How can we make them even better?” That is how the camper_versions® ORIGINAL line of products was started.

The Starry Night Ceiling™ was created from an image in Graham’s mind (founder of camper_versions®). He saw an elevated pop-top roof, with the scenic canvas open on a dark night, with a starry night sky in the background. He thought “How awesome would it be if our campervan ceiling had its own starry night sky fitted?”

The image below is what he envisaged. He started the research & development of this product. Within 9 months we had designed, developed, tested, and brought to market this concept. We then started commercial production, to be fitted into all our premium van builds. Graham replicated his vision in a photoshoot (the result is the same picture below), which was subsequently used to feature the product in VWt magazine.

Seeing the positive impact this unique product had, we set about designing more. We came up with the Feature Side Wall™. This wall acts as a backboard to our furniture, instead of having a carpeted panel.

The materials and method of production used for our furniture means that we can match this wall panel to the same furniture finish installed into the campervan. If you think about a living room in someone’s home, they might have one wall decorated with a pattern, also known as a ‘Feature Wall’.

That is the concept behind this product. To make a feature and a more premium feel to the living area space of our camper vans. It also integrates the curtains, and we add a similar panel to all the windows with curtains.

Our next product in the camper_versions® ORIGINAL line was our Sliding Door Table Store™. Storing the table in a VW T5 or T6 where space is at a premium has always been a challenge.

The sliding door has always been a large panel with little benefit because if anything was fitted to it, the side of the van would be fouled, as the door opened. Our product was inspired by a Kiravan product called a Sliding Door Store. They utilised the void behind the door panel to create storage pockets.

Having seen this, we realised we could also utilise this void in some way to house a table, and we set about designing the Sliding Door Table Store™. After development and testing, we arrived at the perfect solution to store our campervan table, in the living area space of the campervan. This also created some extra storage space too.

Voice-activated technology is integrating at a fast pace into our everyday lives. So, we wanted to stay ahead of the market and incorporate it into our campervans. We’ve successfully managed to install an Echo Dot (featuring Alexa) into our campervans. This system uses a portable wifi unit that we supply.

Currently, you can ask Alexa “What’s the weather going to be like in the Lakes tomorrow?” (if you’ve nestled your campervan somewhere on the bank of Lake Windemere for example) or ask it to play some 90’s music. Our current focus is introducing even more functions, like turning on the lights or turning on the heating.

3 Years Warranty

As one of the leading camper van conversions companies in the UK, all our conversions come with a 3 years warranty, that covers the whole conversion including appliances. The vehicle will also be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 3 years, depending on when the vehicle was first registered. For example, a VW T6 Transporter registered on the 1st of Jan 2019, will have 2 years warranty remaining on the 1st Jan 2020.


Our market-leading, award-winning PIONEER campervan conversion is our comprehensive, modern and practical conversion, that we’ve now installed in over a thousand campervans. We have developed it over the years to make it the excellent product that it is today. That is why it’s the first choice for people wanting an exceptional campervan, for a competitive price.

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about  us

camper_versions® was founded in 2010 and since the very first customer, it has aimed for excellence in everything it offers. Quality, design, customer service, unique products, aftercare support. The list goes on.

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